Do you sell essential oils?

This diffuser bracelet box is the perfect companion product for your essential oil clients.

50 Beautiful Diffuser Bracelets
Countertop Stand
Marketing materials


Great for Salons & Boutiques

Let your clients purchase with a purpose! Choose from 3 color stories to fit your clientele. Each sale benefits the Haitian artisans who make the bracelets.

Support Your Cause

The Cereal Bead Bracelet Box is a great way to earn support for schools, churches, and organizations.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then Papillon’s Bracelet Box is perfect for you!


  1. Do you own a salon or boutique?
  2. Do you sell essential oils, makeup, or jewelry?
  3. Are you involved in fundraising?




We know how important it is for you to have everything you need to tell the story and make a sale that benefits your cause as well as the Haitian artisans who make these beautiful bracelets. That’s why every Papillon Bracelet Box comes with a point of sale display, marketing materials, and 50 bracelets of your choice. Also, we have created convenient refill packs to help replenish your supply quickly.


Ready for a Refill?

Papillon’s convenient bracelet refill packs make it simple to replenish your supply.

Papillon’s mission is orphan prevention and we do that through job creation. Papillon is providing hope to Haitian Artisans with the dignity of a job, training, and the ability to create something new out of something discarded and seemingly unusable. We use metal, cardboard, aluminum, dirt, and paper to make jewelry and other beautiful things.