We are so excited to launch this program with an exclusive group of people. We believe the commission incentives are great and the social impact will be huge! Fill out this simple contact form and we will send you all the details! 

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What to I do to get started?

  1. Sign the contract
  2. Order whatever samples you want to get started at beautychanginglives.com with a special discount code given to you after signing contract
  3. Go to businesses and show them the beautychanginglives.com website and try to persuade them to order a starter countertop display kit.


Can I order a full bracelet box kit and refill packs or just refill packs for my samples?

You can order what feels right for you. Just remember to get everything you want in that sample purchase as the code is only good one time.


What is the suggested (MSRP ) retail price for the bracelets?

We will provide you with a detailed suggested pricing document with your initial sample order.


Will you be offering other items or just bracelets?

We plan to offer Bracelets, Christmas Ornaments, & Necklaces soon!


When will I get marketing materials?

You will receive everything you need with your initial sample order. Any additional marketing materials we release will be available on the website. 


I want to sell but don’t want commission.

As nice as that is, we find that people will be incentivized to sell longer and harder if there is some reward for themselves as well. We are all human and are motivated by incentives. We are happy to have you selling for our precious artisans and prefer to pay everyone for their work. If you absolutely don’t want to keep it – feel free to donate it to your favorite charity. You might choose papillonempowerment.org  (A non-profit charity that directly benefits the artisan’s programs and needs in Haiti.)


Is this a conflict of interest if I am already selling for another company?

From our perspective, we are fine with you selling for any and all other companies. For your benefit, check with any other company you currently sell for and be sure there is not a conflict on their end. 

Can I sell to someone who has a home based business or is selling online?